Instructions for Use


How to install: Put the phone into the bottom of the phone case first, and gradually press it into the phone case from bottom to top.

Bracket use

Metal bracket opening angle of 0-120 °, with the product update iteration, if this manual does not match the description , please use the official website details page parameters as the final reference.


Device use

1) Search for [reinkstone] in the App Store, and click to download the APP.
2) Install the smart phone case on the mobile phone and open NFC in the settings.
3) Register and log in to the APP to use it.
4) Open the homepage of reinkstone APP and click on "Reink Case C1" to connect the phone case.
5) Click "Start Your Creation" for DIY creation,start to create your own theme, add text and pictures, edit them freely, and create your own theme.
6) After the creation, click the button in the bottom right corner to synchronize and upload to the smart phone case.